May 14, 2012


Jorge Duque was born in Colombia, he is an amazing young designer, winner of Project Runway Latin America and a man whose words are worth hearing. He is one of the most interesting people that I have had the chance to talk to and I learned a lot from talking to him because of his great way of thinking!
Jorge Duque got to Project Runway Latin America thanks to a client who sent him a flyer with information of the TV show. He was interested in expressing and showing what he was capable of doing. From the moment that he knew he was within the  Project Runway Latin America participants he considered himself very lucky, because having been selected between 15000 designers was already a recognition of his work. He loved that when he was into  Project Runway Latin America  he was able to express everything he wanted and that he didn’t have any other worries besides designing. After winning  Project Runway Latin America  he obtained a path full of new opportunities, which Jorge sees as a personal challenge.

He is very interested in doing something productive in fashion, although at this time he does not know if it's right or wrong, he enjoys doing fashion every day.

He describes fashion as an expression of language, and he says that fashion is a free way to express fetishes, fantasies, desires and frustration. He states that fashion helps us to reference what the society lives and how the civilization has evolved.

Whenever he is about to create a new collection he gets inspired by many things: emotions, sensations, people he sees, textures, colors, and many other things. His creations mainly speak about emotions.  

Through his collections Jorge has spoken of the female ego, of how emotions are broken into fractions and now he is telling a different story. The collection in which he is currently working will speak about a concept that I personally loved so bad! He will be speaking of the struggle of women to leave their own hell to get to heaven ... How cool is that?

And you might be wondering how is he gonna do that… well his intention is to represent the hell on the shoes and the heaven on dresses plus he has one of the greatest proposals that I have ever heard of, (drum roll please): He is not using black, and he is calling us not to wear black over summer. Why? He says that it is a way of scaping of our own hell!

Now you get why I love this man and his ideas so much?

Take a sneek peak of his work and if you are interested in Jorge Duque, join his Facebook Fan Page to remain updated about him and his collections!

And last but not least, my favorite of all, The Wayuu Bag:

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